Aleksandar Zograf’s exhibition and presentation of his new book, in Belgrade’s KC Grad, was presented on Serbian national TV, the show’s name is Cultural Newsreel (in Serbian) :
The national daily paper, Politika, reported from the exhibition at KC Grad (in Serbian) :

Lazar Džamić wrote an excellent book centered on the immense popularity of ‘Alan Ford’ comics (created by the Italian authors, Magnus and Bunker) in ex-Yugoslavia. Džamić’s new book, titled Čaj od šljiva ( The Plum Tea) compares differences and similarities between life in the UK, where he now lives, and Serbia, his native country. Illustrations by Aleksandar Zograf (in Serbian) -
Novi Sad’s French Institute dedicated an exhibition and discussion to political cartooning and freedom of speech. Aleksandar Zograf attended, along with the great Serbian cartoonists Corax and Jugoslav Vlahović (in Serbian):

The event that began in Novi Sad continued at Belgrade's French Institute, where a number of Serbian cartoonists, including Zograf, exhibited their cartioons dedicated to freedom of speach (in Serbian) :

ARTE devoted an episode of the show, ‘Metropolis’, to Belgrade and it’s independent art scene. It partly speaks about Zograf and his Grrr !Progam comics workshop (in French) : (in German):

Part of the show was broadcast by Deutsche Welle (in Serbian) :

On his blog, Vito Santoro wrote an extensive article on comics journalism, mostly featuring the works of Joe Sacco, Igort, and Aleksandar Zograf (in Italian) :

Stuttgarter Zeitung Daily published a German translation of Zograf’s comic on migrants coming to Stuttgart (in German) :

Belgrade’s City magazine wrote about the independent scene in Serbia, Among others, Zograf was interviewed about the situation from the perspective of Pančevo’s Elektrika initiative (in Serbian) :



Regional TV station N1 conducted an interview with Zograf about his new Serbian book (in Serbian) :

Serbian comics inspired by war - an article published in the Serbian national daily Večernje Novosti. Zograf discusses his collaboration with Mirjana Mišlov (in Serbian)

Legendary ‘The Residents’ gave a sold out concert in Zagreb’s venue Močvara, and for the occasion two Croatian magazines (Globus and Zarez) published Zograf’s comics about the San Francisco group, while the Močvara web posted an English translation of his 2008 interview with the band :

Zograf’s comics inspired by the Migrant Crisis were posted on the very highly recommended, Holland-based website, Drawing the Times :

Zograf participated in a workshop named ‘Learn Together’, which was held in Belgrade and Bela Crkva, with the goal of inspiring an introduction of the principles of contemporary art into the educational system of Serbia. ( in Serbian) :

New Serbian book (Zlato na Mesecu) was presented at Cultural Center of Mladenovac, and there was an exhibition too (in Serbian) :

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