Throughout 2014, the monthly magazine Popoli, from Milan, will  feature Aleksandar Zograf's one- page installments of a story based on  letters by Hilda Dajč, a Jewish girl who volunteered as a nurse at the Nazi concentration camp Sajmište  in occupied Belgrade. Her letters were smuggled out of the camp before she herself was executed in a gas van (in Italian):
Speaking  of Italy, the latest January issue of the weekly magazine Internazionale (#  1036) featured a two-page story by Zograf, about Ada Kale - an island in the Danube which used to exist on the Serbian/Romanian border, before  it was sunk in 1971, during the construction of Iron Gates dam.

 In an interview, Jon F. Allen, a cartoonist from Philadelphia, PA, mentioned Zograf and his work :
Zograf conducted a GRRR!Program with his guest, Kebra , the legendary leader  of alternative band Obojeni program, who is now also producing drawings with an inexpensive  computer program called paint. Local TV produced  a report on the event (in Serbian) :

Back in the ‘90s, Zograf was part of the American scene of "Obscuro" comix, which was connected mostly with mini comics and small  press production. John Porcellino's blog
writes about the history of The White Buffalo Gazette, which comes from the tradition of City Limits Gazette magazine. One of the covers drawn by Zograf is reproduced, along with the story behind these D.I.Y. publications:

A book by Polish Slavist, Tomasz Kwoka, came out with a cover drawing by Aleksandar Zograf. The title is The History of Vocabulary Related to Social Relations in Serbia and Montenegro,
Volume II: State and Governance :,produkt,prodid,2263,strona,Dzieje_slownictwa_z_zakresu_stosunkow_spolecznych_w_Serbii_i_Czarnogorze,katid,33.html<>

Zograf drew a strip containing his comments on work by the excellent Serbian/Canadian cartoonist, Nina Bunjevac (in Serbian) :

A collection of essays on political comics by Federico Vergari : Poiliticomics:Raccontare e fare politica attraverso fumetti, includes a few references to Zograf's work (in Italian) :

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