Zograf’s work can sometimes appear in the most unlikely places: ‘Archimede’, an Italian mathematics magazine (!), published Zograf’s story on Salvador Dali and mathematics, the number’s cover design also by Zograf! The script writer of the story is Giovanni Eccher, movie director and writer for Sergio Bonelli Editore, who worked on ‘Dampyr’, ‘Zagor’, ‘Dylan Dog’ etc. (in Italian)

A video review of the CD release by Italian band Jet Set Roger on Tavole in Musica, culture blog of Nicole Brena and Mattia Ferri; CD packaging designed by Aleksandar Zograf (in Italian)

Saša Rakezić/Aleksandar Zograf wrote for Vreme magazine about his interest in archeology; and also personal archeological finds, these mostly from the prehistoric era (in Serbian)

tv slovenija

Slovenian National TV featured a piece on Zograf’s art and career (in Slovenian)

An interview with Zograf posted by Radio Free Europe Macedonia (in Macedonian)

Serbian actor Ana Bretšnajder performed a one-person show, inspired by Osvaldo Cavandoli’s legendary animation series, ‘La Linea’. Zograf designed the poster art (in Serbian)

Politika (Serbia’s ‘Newspaper of Record’) and independent weekly magazine Vreme published articles on Zograf’s exhibition/story on Hilda Dajč (Deitch), a young Jewish girl who smuggled letters out of a Nazi concentration camp in WWII Belgrade. Zograf’s work is the very first Comics Artwork published and distributed free to schools in Serbia, and is the result of cooperation between the Israeli Embassy and the Serbian Ministry of Education (in Serbian)

An interview with Zograf on ‘The Letters of Hilda Dajč’ was posted on KUPEK audio blog, and transmitted by several radio stations around ex-Yugoslavia (in Serbian)

TV Mreža, an independently-produced show aired on Serbian National Channel 2, featured an interview with Zograf (in Serbian)

RTV1, Vojvodina TV channel with national distribution, featured an interview with Zograf on their show ‘Nešto više’ (in Serbian)

tragom malih otkrica

Aleksandar Zograf’s solo exhibition, ‘In Search of Minor Discoveries’ (‘Tragom malih otkrića’), was displayed in Gallery at the Cultural Center of Belgrade (in Serbian)

The opening of Zograf’s Belgrade exhibition was announced in Večernje Novosti newspaper, Vreme Magazine, and Montenegrin daily newspaper Dan (in Serbian)

Channel 2 of Serbian National Radio announced Zograf’s Belgrade exhibition (in Serbian)

Pavle Zelić wrote an in-depth article on Zograf and his Belgrade exhibition for Politika (in Serbian)

N1 television reported on Zograf’s Belgrade exhibition (in Serbian)

A review of Zograf’s exhibition was featured on Serbian National TV’s culture program, Kulturni Dnevnik (in Serbian)

An interview with Aleksandar Zograf, on Channel 2 of Serbian National Radio (in Serbian)

Zograf as a guest on the TV show ‘Press i ja’, edited by Zoran Panović (in Serbian)

Italian photographer Emiliano Mascioni crafted a photo essay of the Serbian town of Bor, presented as part of the Budapest Photo Festival. The work was inspired by Zograf’s Comics report published in Italian magazine Internazionale. Zograf was invited to speak at the exhibition opening, and wrote an introduction for the catalogue (in English/Hungarian)

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