During a freezing January, Zograf participated in a  workshop in Pancevo, with Le Dernier Cri ( legendary silk-screen venture from Marseille), a host of Serbian cartoonists, and Alberto Coradi, Franco Sachetti ( Italy),  Gorant (Macedonia), Hard Comics (Romania), etc.

The Festival International  de la BD at AngoulemeThe Festival International de la BD at Angouleme, the single most important comics festival in Europe (and perhaps  the world)  hosted Aleksandar Zograf as an official guest. It was the occasion to present his latest French book, VESTIGES DU MONDE(L'Association) , a color collection of comics originally published in VREME magazine. Zograf did a signing of the book, and a slide show together with Lebanese cartoonist Zeina Abirached. More links:

At the same time, the weekly L'EXPRESS was writing about hot topics of the moment: polution in Pancevo and Presidential elections in Serbia, mentioning Zograf

Also, the interview with Zograf was published in issue 53 of a magazine titled CQFD (Ce qu'il faut Dire, Détruire, Développer), a monthly dedicated to social crticism.

Back in  the homeland, Zograf wrote an article on Zdravko Zupan's book A CENTURY OF SERBIAN COMICS, for Politikin Zabavnik, one of the most important comics-related magazines in Serbia (founded in 1939). Another Zograf article came out in Belgrade's  glossy magazine FAME, where he wrote about the Walt Disney-inspired home made products and art produced in Serbia (mostly found on the flea markets).

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