The Italian volumes by Zograf, published by Fandango/Coconino, are available in many bookshops all over the country, and it is possible to order them even through such unusual portals such as Libreria Teologica (Teological Bookshop) - . The latest review of his book Segnali came out in Lecce's magazine Lo Scirocco - . Segnali was recommended as well in the August issue of "D"( a supplement of the prestiguous daily La Repubblica. "D" is dedicated to "fashion, reportage, actuality and culture") (all in Italian) -

ARCHIVE FUN: In the mid '90s, Zograf was featured in The Unlimited Dream Company, a zine dedicated to dream exploration and dream art;  those were the days!
Oh boy. The first edition of Zograf's Hypnagogic Review mini comic is now available as a collectors item from Amazon! -
In the '90s, Zograf was part of the Obscuro Comix scene, which grew up around self-published zines and leaflets, mostly in the States. The newsletter entitled White Buffalo Gazette is still being issued irregularly, and it's latest, book-form big fat  issue features 3 pages of comics by Aleksandar Zograf, along with works by Steve Willis, Jaime Crespo, Joel Orff and others. Some of the original issues of WBG from the '90s are now being sold as rarities -
Serbian national TV channel B92 is running a series of docummentaries called  "Yugoslavia for beginners" (SFRJ za početnike), in which artists, journalists and ordinary people speak about popular phenomena of the now-dismantled country.  Zograf was one of the speakers, see the trailer (in Serbian)
I Minchioli, a new comic book by Gianmarco De Chiara, has an introductory note by Aleksandar Zograf (in Italian)
An interview with Aleksandar Zograf was published in the Montenegrin daily Pobjeda (in Serbian/Montenegrin) -
An edition of a Zograf-conducted GRRR! Program event was dedicated to an anthology of comics from Banatsko Novo Selo (a village near Pančevo), and slide show of flea market-found photos by an artist called TALENT. Local TV broadcasted a report (in Serbian)
The latest review of Zograf's Polish book came out in Uwažam Rze, a political magazine from Warsaw (in Polish) -
Mineshaft # 27 is out -- along with a must-read new material by Robert Crumb, it features a great cover by Nina Bunjevac and art by Pat Moriarity, Mary Fleener, Dennis Eichhorn, Jim Blanchard and...Aleksandar Zograf. Very much recommended!
Available for free viewing is a docummentary on Novo doba, a comics festival that is held in Belgrade and Pančevo every summer - along with Zograf, appear other creators of the Serbian and international independent art scene. The film was created by  Luigi Antonio Conte
Zograf conducted a talk with Serbian painter and actor, Uroš Djurić, as part of a GRRR! Program - local television in Pančevo did a report (in Serbian):
Hungarian comics magazine Papírmozi published a page of Zograf's comic Cowboys and Indians in their latest issue - it's also posted online -
Aleksandar Zograf was an editor of a comics insert published in the Serbian national weekly Vreme, named NEXT PAGE and dedicated to new comics from Lebanon. The insert is available for download, if you click on PDF celog stripa : (in Serbian). "Stories of three of the authors whose comics we are publishing  in this booklet - Lena Marhej, Ghadi Ghosn and Omar Khouri, reflect the clashes and overlappings of a (multi-confessional) Lebanese culture and European culture (be it the  West or the East of the Continent). This is also a fine opportunity to present, for the first time in Serbia, comics of a country of turbulent and conflicting history (which as well includes hundreds of years under the Ottoman domination), and which may not seem  so unfamiliar to readers from the Balkans".
The latest issue of New Moment, Belgrade's "Magazine for Art and Advertizing" (printed in English), is dedicated to "a history of advertizing in Eastern Europe" and includes Zograf's piece on ads published in pre-WW2 Serbian papers, often illustrated by the work of cartoonists from that era
 The Museum of Yugoslav History (ex-President Tito's Memorial House!) is hosting an exhibition dedicated to Belgrade's New Wave scene (1977-1984), with a lot of photos, album covers, magazines, posters, comics and  fanzines - . Also on display are early fanzines by 16-18 year-old Saša Rakezić, later to be known as Aleksandar Zograf; read his article (in Serbian) published in Vreme magazine - and see some slides connected with echibition -

At a presentation in Pančevo, a book dedicated to the 1930s Serbian comics of a masked hero Zigomar was  launched. The book, which includes the complete run of the strip, is published by the Pančevo Cultural Center and contains an historical overview written by comics historian Zdravko Zupan and an introduction by Aleksandar Zograf. The event, which presented the exhibition of the vintage originals by Nikola Navojev and Dušan Bogdanović, included the serving of Zigomar cake, made after the original recipe from the 30s! The local media covered the event -
Zograf was interviewed as one of the participants in a huge jam comic project named Puck Comic Party. More then 170 artists from all around the world worked together on a chain-story eventully published in a magazine (in Italian), 90 pages long, with works by Jay Lynch, Bill Griffith, Leslie Cabarga, Denis Kitchen, Davide Toffolo, Nina Bunjevac, Pat Moriarity, Lee Kennedy, Mack White, Foolbert Sturgeon, Wostok, and many,many more.
On December 28th, Aleksandar Zograf participated in a charity performance in Tarcento, Italy. While Arbe Garbe played live music, Aida Talliente was reading literature inspired by Balkan situation, including parts from novels by Vladimir Arsenijevic ( who was present during the disscussion preceding the show), all illustrated by Zograf's drawings live on the stage. This well-received event was made in order to collect books for the Sarajevo's Library.
On  December 29th, Zograf's latest Italian book, Segnali, was presented at the Feltrinelli bookshop in Udine, through his slide talk and an introduction by Paola Bristot. . The day before that, at the Udine Small Festival of Animation ( Piccolo festival dell’animazione), a short animated film "Dos Pesos" by Brane Solce was screened. The flm was made of images of Zograf's hypnagogic hallucinations, with the music by Arbe Garbe. Last but not least, during his visit to Italy, in Quarto d’Altino near Venice, Zograf visited Geomodel studio, where models of  dinosurs are being made. Read more about it in one of his comics !
In 2004, as a guest of Pančevo's International comics festival GRRR!, Slobodan Tišma (ex-memeber of Serbian 1980s cult bands La Strada and Luna) made his unique solo performance, with projection of a live drawing session by British cartoonist Lee Kennedy. The limited edition CD (cover design by Aleksandar Zograf) came out recently, see  and
As somebody who has published his comics in Hungarian periodicals and has two selections of his comics in book form published there, Zograf was also mentioned in the wikipedia article on the History of Hungarian comics - . Also, he was mentioned in an article (written by Paola Bristot) for the catalogue of the exhibition, at Paris' Istituto Italiano di Cultura (an expo dedicated to contemporary Italian comics, open from December 7, 2011 until February 17, 2012), since his work was widely present on the Italian scene.


The American edition of a book for which Zograf wrote an introduction, Balkan Comics: Women on the Fringe, scheduled for publication on June 5th 2012, is already available for pre-orders. Publisher is Mark Batty Publisher, from New York -
One more review of the Zograf's Polish book ( Pozdrawienia z Serbiee ) came out in Polityka, a prestigious national weekly magazine.,432205.html
Also, it was Esensja, a magazine of popular culture, which wrote about the book - , and so did a comics blog Kolorowe Zeszyty  , and Komiks Polter -   , not to mention 8 page interview published in TAKEME magazine from Poznan!
Strip Turnhout is the oldest and biggest comics festival in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. This September, the guest region was the Balkans, and the official catalogue of this year's edition features an interview with Aleksandar Zograf.
Zograf's presented his new Italian book Segnali in Rome's gallery and bookshop Mondo Bizzarro, on September 15th - , and the exhibition of his drawings (and embroideries by Gordana Basta) was on display at Miomao gallery, in Perugia. The influential Italian web magazine , dedicated to art, paid attention to this exhibition in their article Comics are not Dead (Il fumetto non è morto) -  (in Italian).

New edition of GRRR! Program, event held in Elektrika, Pancevo's alternative art venue, was conducted by Zograf - the main topic were Serbian artists who found their inspiration in the flea market finds. The guests were Belgrade's artist TALENT, film director Milos Tomic, and Snezana Skoko, editor of Punktove novine, an art magazine which dedicated their last issue to this topic. The audience was invited to show their own flea market discoveries, and so they did! Report from the local TV (in Serbian) :




ARBE GARBE Aleksandar Zograf was one of the authors whose comics work was presented as part of the project Invisible Comics, which is unofficial history of Serbian alternative comics from 1980 until now. Invisible Comics was published in Serbian, English and German, and presented at the Leipzig's International Book Fair. See the video  or read the German press release
In late March/early April, Zograf was hosted for a few days in Istanbul, where he was working on a story to be included in an international anthology put out by a Turkish publisher.
Future of the Serbian comics was a topic of the article in the Serbian daily Blic, and Zograf was one of the interviewed authors (in Serbian) :
New GRRR!Program, comics event edited by Zograf in Pančevo's alternative venue Elektrika, had a number of local musicians, directors and painters, all attempting to create a page of comics. A special guest was Serbian film comedy cult-director, Slobodan Šijan. Local TV did a report (in Serbian)
Zograf did the cover design for the new CD by Italian band Arbe Garbe - , and was present in person during the presentation of the CD, at the big concert at the open in Mortegliano, in Friuli - . See the video for the song titled El Cura, directed by Nevio De Conti, which includes some of the Zograf's drawings . A national daily, Il Manifesto published an article on Arbe Grabe, enclosing a strip exclusively made by Aleksandar Zograf, as did the Italian edition of The Rolling Stone magazine, you can read the Rolling Stone article and the strip at . Guess what? It's all in Italian (except that the song El Cura by Arbe Garbe is sung in Spanish).
Mundos A group of Portuguese artists surrounding Chili Com Carne collective has traveled around Europe last year, and they stopped in Pančevo for a presentation and session with Serbian cartoonists, organized by Zograf. The book about this trip, which includes jam comics and various collaborations, just came out  -
(in Portuguese). Zograf's first book in Portuguese language, Mundos em Segunda Mão (vol 1), came out with MMMNNNRRRG, a publisher from Lisbon. More information (in Portuguese): .The book can be ordered through Chilli Com Carne Shop:, and was presented at the comics festival at the beautiful little town of Beja, in the South of Portugal.
French-German television ARTE made a special about Belgrade's art and life. Zograf is filmed as well. .
An interesting interview with Zograf was posted at the web portal dedicated to Comixiade project : , Comixiade also posted a Zograf's strip based on a travel to Trieste and Grado : .

An interview in Serbian, is posted on a web site dedicated to literature, from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina -
The first Polish translation of Zograf's work came out with Centrala, a publisher from Poznan, and it followed Zograf's presentation of the book Pozdrowienia z Serbii in Poznan and Krakow, in early June. At the presentation in Krakow, all he copies of the book were sold out before Zograf even started to speak, which, according to the man himself, "never happened ANYWHERE". Aside of couple of in-depth interviews, reviews of book came out in quite diverse places in Poland, from an internet portal dedicated to show-business (!), owned by the biggest, commercial private television ( TVN),50487,news,,1,komiksowe-pozdrowienia-z-serbii,artykul.html , to the portal of the Institute for the Promotion of the Alternative Culture , and respected national weeklies such as Polityka and Przekroj (where his book had maximum rank, five stars!). All links are in Polish.
June 25th and 26th was when Zograf was participating to Salon du livre des Balkans in Paris, this year dedicated to Balkans' comics. Among the participants were Johanna Marcade and Bruno Tolić of Turbo Comix, and artists and writers from several Balkan countries, including Igor Hofbauer (Croatia), Ilan Manouach (Greece),  Gani Jakupi ( Kosovo), Dodo Nita and Alexandru Ciubotariu (Romania). The book market and a round table were held at the Théâtre de la Grande Comédie.
Zograf’s 2 page story Ljubavno pismo (Love Letter), originally published in the magazine Vreme, was one of the comics discussed at the "Comics against violence" seminar, held in the town of Coy, in Spain, June 18-26. Zograf’s story was presented on behalf of the Serbian participant at the seminary, Jelena Ćeriman, who pointed to it as an example of a comic that speaks about family violence, and similar examples were shown by participants from other European countries.
Aleksandar Zograf's works, along with. embroideries by Gordana Basta, were on display at the exhibition dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of comics publisher and collective Tonto Comics, at Graz's Forum Stadtpark .  
Also presented was the new (12th) issue of the comics anthology Tonto Comics, covering the topic: North Pole, and publishing Zograf's story on his late Inuit friend Alootook Ipellie.
As part of the event called Novi miljei (New Milieu), embroideries by Gordana Basta based on Zograf's drawings were on display at the exhibition/workshop held in the Sirogojno, inside the complex of the Open Air Museum, which preserves the traditional wood architecture of Western Serbia. 
Segnali (Signs) is a brand new, second volume of collections of Aleksandar Zograf's Vreme comics to be published in Italy with Fandago/Coconino Press. The info on this freshly printed book could be found here . On June 5th, by posting a blurb through their teletext service, RAI set an information on publication of Segnali to the television viewers all over Italy.
Reviews of Segnali (in Italian) are posted by Letturepirata at his blog  -  and by an online comics magazine Rutin - .
Zograf is also one of the cartoonists whose work was included in a new, 10th issue of Coconino Press' magazine Black, which is this time inspired by the Balkans -- see the review (in Italian)- .

Belgrade's publisher Omnibus has launched a book titled Stripovi koje smo voleli (The Comics We Loved), and subtitled Selection of 20th Century Comics and Creators from the Region of Former Yugoslavia, with a foreword by Paul Gravett. The authors (Z.Tamburic, Z. Zupan and Z. Stefanovic) did a sort of a lexicon on the comics production in the region - included are the notes on Zograf's stuff from the 90s.


Aleksandar Zograf’s two-page strip ("Postcards from Vinča") and his introduction to a story by Serbian/Canadian cartoonist Nina Bunjevac is published in the latest issue of Mineshaft magazine - . This quality little publication comes from North Carolina,and in its latest issue it features a front cover by by Pat Moriarity, and back cover by Robert Crumb. Contributors include David Collier, Dennis Eichhorn,  Jim Blanchard, Robert Armstrong and more. The issue was reviewed in The Comics Journal

An interview with Zograf was published in the premier edition the of the Italian magazine Fume'  - see their preliminary short film at

Zograf interviewed a Serbian cartoonist Maja Veselinović for Vreme magazine (in Serbian) -

Paul Gravett has invited  a selection of friends from various countries to write about the best comics in 2010 in their respective countries - Zograf's Serbian book was included.

The Italian daily La Repubblica published a review of Zograf's latest Italian book, Storie (Fandago/Coconino)- , along with another respected national daily paper - Il Manifesto , and there's a review on the Paneacqua web site all in Italian naturally. 

As part of OKO (The Eye), a show concentrating on political, economic and cultural issues on Serbian national TV , a segment was dedicated to heroes and superheroes of Serbian comics and folklore. Appearing along with Zograf were Zefirino Grassi, editor of the weekly magazine Politikin Zabavnik, Uros Djurić, painter and actor, and Zdravko Zupan, comics historian.

On February 17th, Zograf did a slide show lecture on his flea market finds at the KROKODIL literary festival in Belgrade, which featured some of the best known writers in Serbia, including Vladimir Arsenijević, Biljana Srbljanović, David Albahari and others. It was held in front of an unusually big crowd for an event connected with literature (estimated at more then 400 people).There's an article on the event in E-Novine  and another one posted on the web site of Radio Free Europe (all in Serbian).


A video made for the Marjane Satrapi show in Ravenna back in 2003, with an homage to her work created by top-notch Italian cartoonists ( including Stefano Zattera, Massimo Semeraro, Squaz, Gianluca Costantini ) and... Zograf.

A review of Zograf's self-published title Jamming with Aleksandar Zograf, from 2002, originally published in Dnevnik daily, was recently posted on Ilija Bakić's blog (in Serbian). .

A blog by Jerzy Celichowski, a Pole living in Hungary, includes his translations of Zograf's Regards from Serbia strips in the Polish language. To be more precise, it's a Polish translation based on an Hungarian translation of Zograf's works originally written in English!

The Central Unit of our Web Portal Apartment was informed by Muhamed Kafedžić, our Bosnian correspondent, that while watching a teenage TV series on Channel 2 of Croatian National Television, he spotted Zograf's comic books being used as part of the set. The show in question was Dark Oracle, originally produced for Canadian channel  YTV. The TV series won the International Emmy for Best Children's and youths’ program in 2005. The second episiode, produced in 2004 and entitled Masquarade, was filmed inside a set representing a comic book shop where Zograf's Fantagraphics editions Psychonaut #2 and Life Under Sanctions were seen on the shelves!

Canadia tv serie

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