An interview with Zograf was conducted by John Feiffer - the funny thing is that part of the interview may be used for a one-man show by Feiffer, who is turning segments of his many interviews into a theatrical performance -  anyway, you can read the interview at It was re-posted on the English language edition of The Epoch Times, the Chinese-American independent news medium:

Zograf's 'Regards from Serbia' ended up being recommended by Daniel Simpson, the former New York's Times correspondednt from the Balkans:

Another interview with Zograf was posted on Facebook; this one is  about his Beirut experiences (in Italian):!/notes/cosv-solidariet%C3%A0-italiana-nel-mondo/beirut-comics-festival-intervista-a-aleksandar-zograf/470377799672418


In November, Cinemazero in Pordenone hosted Books Across the Balkans, a live show featuring the Italian band Arbe Garbe, actress Aida Talliente and Aleksandar Zograf, see the info at and a report from the appearance of BAB in Gemona
(all in Italian)

Number 28 of a great little magazine called Mineshaft features works by R.Crumb, Pat Moriarity, Billy Childish and...Zograf:

An interview with Zograf regarding his editorial work on a comic inspired by Croatian writer Miroslav Krleza, who was living in Belgrade, was published in the Montenegrin daily Pobjeda (in

A new Serbian collection of Zograf's Vreme comics was presented in Pancevo, and local TV broadcasted a report (in Serbian) :

Zograf was a guest of a Comic Underground event in Munich, where he presented a slide presentation about his comics career :
The event, which touched upon the isses of political comics and the fusion of
comics and music, was covered extensivelly in the respected national daily, Suddeutsche Zitung.

In Subotica, Zograf presented a lecture on The Residents, the mysterious combo from San Francisco. Zograf detailed his personal recollections of this band in his extensive article published in the early 80s and his interview with the group published few years ago. Read the report (in Serbian) -

An event edited by Zograf, called the GRRR!Program, was dedicated to the reprinting of a classical 1940 strip, Uragan, by a Serbian cartoonist Aleksije   Ranhner. The book includes an  introduction by Zograf. Local TV broladcasted a report (in Serbian):


In August, Zograf was touring Italy, and an interview (announced on the front page!) was published by national daily Il Manifesto, reprinted in Osservatorio Baklcani web site -
Zograf did a workshop and presentation of his Italian books in Lavarone - The newspaper L'Adige wrote about this event (in Italian) -
(On The Quest For) Beograd Underground, a Spanish film, presenting the Serbian underground comics and music scene, created by Luciano Muriel Buzarra, Carlos Lopez and Natasa Sarkic, and with Zograf as one of the narrators, was presented during July in Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. The article on this project was published in Serbian daily paper, Politika (in Serbian)  -
Arbe Garbe, who gave a performance as part of the GRRR!Program/Novo doba festival, did a trailer about their Balkan tour exclusivelly for the web site of the Italian edition of The Rolling Stone magazine (in Italian) :
Aleksandar Zograf was one of the writers and artists from the ex-Yugoslav countries to sign the appeal against the closing of the Italian left-oriented daily Il Manifesto (in Serbian / Croatian)  -
Zograf designed the book cover for the slavic study by  Tomasz Kwoka ( Dzieje słownictwa z zakresu stosunków społecznych w Serbii i Czarnogórze ), published in Poland -


During the presentation of the new Serbian translations of the collections of comics by Crumb and Shelton, when their wives - Aline Kominsky Crumb and Lora Fountain were also present, Zograf conducted a talk with Robert Crumb, which turned into probably the biggest comics event in Serbia ever! Response by the local press was significant (all the links below are in Serbian, naturally).
zigomar First, national weekly Vreme published an 8+ pages long interview writen by Sasa Rakezic (alias Aleksandar Zograf-), with Crumb's drawing on a front page. It's the first time that this political magazines has devoted so much space to a cartoonist -
Zograf wrote an overview of Crumb's career , adding impressions on his stay in Belgrade (along with exclusive drawings by Crumb, with captions in English), for Politikin Zabavnik, a Belgrade's kids’ magazine, which has been in circulation since 1939. It's one of  Crumb's rare appearances in a kids' magazine anywhere, with his drawing on the cover, and the article published on 4 pages, without a single word  being extracted from the original manuscript, even though it mentions all the Crumb's basics, including politics, sex, drugs etc:
E-novine reprinted the integral version of the interview with Crumb written by Vladimir Arsenijevic, and published originally in Croatian Jutranji list:
A video report at Serbian internet portal
Bitta Generation is the name of the workshop that happened in Pancevo, where artists from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia were working together on comics, street art and animation. The results of the workshop were presented in a Grrr!Program, event conducted by Zograf , and local TV did a report (in Serbian) -
In September, Zograf was a special guest of the animation festival Animanima, in Cacak,  Central Serbia. His one-man show was part of the programme ( in Serbian) -


Aleksandar Zograf has received a prize named after avant garde writer Todor Manojlovic. The prize, which is aimed at artists from different fields, is for the first time, given to a cartoonist (in Serbian) - , a 4 page intrerview was published in national weekly Novi Magazin.

Interview with Zograf, posted on Bturn, an online magazine dedicated to the Balkans -


Vicino Lontano is the name of the major litereture festival in Udine, where Zograf appeared live on stage with band Arbe Garbe, last May (in Italian) as part of the project Books Across The Balkans , see the whole show

Segnali, the latest Italian book by Zograf, was presented in Lovat bookshop in Trieste (in Italian)

A group of artists from several countries were invited to draw their stories about the city of Istanbul, Zograf is one of them. The comics collection, titled Ciztanbul, and published by Rodeo, a comics publisher from Istanbul, is a publication that aims at general public. (in Turkish) -

In April, Aleksandar Zograf was present at the international exhibition in Tolentino, dedicated to comics journalism, together with Sarah Glidden (US), Lamia Ziade (Lebanon), Guy Delisle (Canada), Marco Corona (Italy) and others. See the announcement of the event (in Italian) - and the report made by local TV (in Italian) -

The edition of GRRR!Program, at Pancevo's Elektrika, hosted by Zograf, presented a new book by Belgrade's writer Vladimir Arsenijevic, and new collection of comics by Boris Stanic. Local TV made a report (in Serbian)-

Italian illustartor Arianna Vairo was featured in the new issue of Serbian literature magazine Kvartal - the comics and illustrations are edited by Zograf

A comic book dedicated to famous Yugoslav writer Miroslav Krleza, edited by Zograf , and made through collaboration of cartoonists from Croatia (Igor Hofbauer, Damir Stenfl) and Serbia (Wostok, Boris Stanic), was presented through the series of events at Belgrade Cultural Center. The article came out at national daily Danas (in Serbian):
Zograf gets a mention in a diary of his old friend, musician and artist Pedja Vranesevic - published in national daily paper Danas (in Serbian) .

In his GRRR!Program at Elektrika, Zograf presented Damjana Mraovic O'Hare from Cleveland's Case Western University, fanzine called Antidepresiv, and bands Kodagain and Radio Moskva. See the report on a local television (in Serbian) -

The exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of GRRR! was presented on a local TV (in Serbian) -
Novo Doba is an alternative comics festival that is held annually in Belgrade and Pancevo - a national Tv station b92 reported in their news (in Serbian) -
The Pancevo part of the event, titled GRRRdoba, was reported by the local TV - TV Pancevo (in Serbian)

Triedere, an Austrian art theory periodical, has its latest issue dedicated to 9th Art. It includes a selection of comics from Serbia and Bosnia, including Aleksandar Zograf, Nina Bunjevac, Wostok and Filip Andronik (in German):


The internet voting for the best comics edition in Poland in 2011 placed Aleksandar Zograf's first-ever Polish collection of comics on the second position! Hip- Hip- Hooray!

In early January, in Seattle, Zograf's work was a matter of academic discussion at the panel named "Graphic Narratives Re-telling History: Serbia and Bosnia", organized by The Slavic & East European Literatures Division of the Modern Language Association of America. Among the panelists were Lisa Mangum, and Jessie Labov, and Damjana Mraovic-O'Hare presented her paper named "How We Survived War, Sanctions, and NATO Bombing, And Then Laughed: Regards from Serbia by Aleksandar Zograf" -

Zograf' is one of the authors featured in WAR: THE HUMAN COST, a collection of comics that goes with 19 track War & Peace CD, published by British label Paper Tiger Comics, as part of the Campaign Against Arms Trade. A thick volume includes works by Steve Bell, Spain Rodriguez, Mack White, Mazen Kerbaj, Marcel Ruijters, Peter Kuper,Colin Upton, and more.

The interview with Aleksandar Zograf, related to Comixiade project, was translated in Bulgarian languge:

Aleksandar Zograf is one of the personalities featured in On the Quest for Beograd Underground, a documentary dedicated to Serbian independent comics and music scene, made by Spanish director Muriel Buzzara. Film is touring around Europe at the moment, see the trailer

A comics related web site, Actua BD, posted an interview with Zograf, made during his recent visit to Paris (in French) -

Kika Negroni is hosting a show named Flatland, for the Brescia's radio station Radio Onda d'Urto. One of the shows consist of an interview with Giovanni Ferarra, who is talking on Zograf's Italian books published by Fandango, a publishing house where Ferarra works as an editor. You can listen to the show (in Italian) at :

zigomarOn the day of the Belgrade's presentation of a book dedicated to reprints of 1930s Serbian comic "Zigomar", compiled and researched by comics historian Zdravko Zupan and with Introducion and editorial job by Aleksandar Zograf, national daily Politika published a review (in Serbian) -

Collection of Aleksandar Zograf's comics published in Greece was inspirational enough for a band coming from Athens - Hot Potato Syndrom, which recorded a song dedicated to it, on their album Come War Ghost (available for free download). Ha! -

New Italian satirical magazine Antitempo also features a page by Zograf. Check it out if you are in the area (in Italian) -

ARCHIVE FUN - Jojoblog, an unoffficial Jonathan Richman fan club site, has posted Zograf's 2005 strip about meeting Jonathan in San Francisco and Belgrade. It's actually Italian translation of a strip, with English summary -

Flock of Dreamers, Kitchen Sink's 1998 collection of dream inspired comics, edited by Sasa Rakezic alias Aleksandar Zograf and Bob Kathman, and quite hard to find, could be ordered through ABE book catalogue, in theit WEIRD BOOK ROOM section , among artists included are Robert Crumb, Rick Veitch, Jim Woodring and many more...

A letter from Terry Jones, sent especially to the Serbian fans and an event conducted by Aleksandar Zograf (featuring special guest Charles Alverson) , for the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of Monty Python, in 2009 (in Serbian and English) :

Steve Willis, a legend of the obscuro comics scene, wrote a recollection on some of the Zograf's 1990s ALAS! mini comics -

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