The Serbian edition of features an article by Aleksandar Zograf about ‘Alan Ford’ Comics and the far-ranging influence of ‘Alan Ford’ on Yugoslavian popular culture! (website in Serbian (Serbian-Croatian)):
Aleksandar Zograf’s ‘Regards from Serbia’ was on the list of ‘10 Eastern European Comics in English You Need to Read, NOW!’, posted on the site of The American Literary Translators Association (website in English):

Aleksandar Zograf’s Comic: ‘Letters from Hilda Dajč’ (her name pronounced, in English, ‘Hil-dah Dah-eetch’), brings to light letters written by hand, from a Jewish girl murdered during the Holocaust in a Nazi concentration camp in occupied Belgrade. Zograf’s Comic was included in the documents of an academic conference dedicated to representative works of The Holocaust in The Balkans in Arts and Media, a symposium held in Belgrade in 2014. Zograf’s work was referenced in a paper entitled: The Representation of the Holocaust in Comics and Graphic Novels, and was written by researcher Lazar Jovanović. Recently, the conference was reviewed in a publication by the Simon Wiesenthal Insitute in Vienna (website in English):

An exhibition of original art from Aleksandar Zograf’s graphic novel, English title: ‘Gold in the Moon’, was held at the gallery of The Cultural Center of Zrenjanin (website in Serbian): ,

A presentation of a book by Lazar Džamić (illustarted by Zograf): ‘Čaj Od Sljiva’, was held at the DELFI bookstore in Belgrade (website in Serbian):

An interview with Aleksandar Zograf was published in the Croatian daily newspaper Novi List (link in Croatian):

Aleksandar Zograf had his works presented at street exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia, as part of The Wall Magazine project, initiated by the assciation named ‘Shadow Casters’. Zograf’s drawings ( also presented in Greta Gallery) were inspired by the popular Croatian TV series ‘Bitange i princeze’ (link in Croatian):
The Serbian magazine Vreme also wrote about the project:

The April and May issues of the Portuguese ‘Courrier Internacional Magazine’ have published Zograf’s Migrants’ Stories (link in Portuguese): , ‘Migrants’ Stories’ were also published in ‘Exile; Literary Quarterly from Toronto’ (Vol.40, No. 1); and in a Spanish translation in the satirical magazine ‘La Gallina Vasca’, of Basque country of Spain, ; plus, there is a Swedish translation in comics magazine ‘Galago’: (#123):



In May, as part of the popular event, ‘Night At The Museum’, a presentation of Zograf’s book, ‘Gold in the Moon’ was held at the beautiful Art-Deco style Ferenz Reichl Palace in Subotica (links in Serbian):
In early June, the exhibition ‘Viva Cavandolli!’ (Aleksandar Zograf is one of the exhibitors) moved to a different museum in Italy, the Museum of Paper in Toscalano Maderno (link in Italian):

Works by Zograf were exhibited as part of an international art show titled: ‘A la Frontiere ...Old and New Frontiers’, at the Belgrade Cultural Center (link in Serbian):’s

Aleksandar Zograf was one of the guests of the Art Colony of Ečka (in Serbian): , catalogue of the exhibition (with English translations):

An interview with Aleksandar Zograf was published in the Serbian national daily Novosti (link in Serbian):

American-Serbian artist and musician Katie Woznicki (nom-de-plume: ‘Amanita Dodola’), was the honored guest of the summer open-air edition of Pančevo’s Grrr!Program Workshop, where some video clips (by Danilo Stojić) were made:

Zograf was a guest of the International Festival of Literature In Zagreb, Croatia: featured talk with Zograf was officially announced at the same Festival (in Croatian):

St Petersburg, Russia; ‘Boomfest’, hosted Zograf,on his first visit to Russia: ; a short article was published in Elevate, the free magazine distributed on all Air Serbia flights:

Zograf was interviewed prior going to an exhibition/workshop in Ravensburg, Germany (link in Serbian) : , also his attendance was included in the local paper, Sahwabische Zeitung (link in German) :,-Der-Krieg-und-die-Fluechtlingskrise-im-Comic-_arid,10548078_toid,535.html , and the event was reviewed after the opening (link in German):,-Die-Kunst-des-Comics-_arid,10554358_toid,535.html more about the event (link in German) :

Belgrade’s Ozone Gallery hosted an exhibition of Aleksandar Zograf’s collection of amateur Disney-inspired art, found, mostly, at Serbian flea markets: , the Serbian version of magazine posted an interview and good coverage of the exhibition (link in Serbian): , Serbian National TV did a report and a talk with Zograf for the Metropolis TV show: , the exhibition also prompted an interview for Channel 2 of Serbian National Radio : , and for Radio 202 (link in Serbian):



At an event in the ‘Apolo’ venue in Pancevo, Serbia, Zograf was one of the speakers at the presentation of the Serbian edition of Nick Sousanis’ graphic novel: ‘Unflattering’ (link in Serbian):
The very first translation of Zograf’s comics in Japanese was released, titled ‘Bakugeki-chi Serubia karano tegami’ (Letters from Serbia Under The Bombs).The book can be ordered through ‘Toge no Jizo Publishing’ , and is also distributed by ‘Taco che bookshop’ in Tokyo (links in Japanese):

A compilation of comics interviews entitled ‘The Golden Age of Comics from the Vojvodina’, by Predrag Đuric, also published an interview with Zograf (in Serbian):

XL (the supplement of the newspaper ‘LA Republica’, of Italy) writes about the collaboration between Italian band Jet Set Roger and Zograf, who designed their record cover design and the comic (link in Italian):
To Aleksandar Zograf’s delight, an Italian magazine dedicated to agriculture (!) wrote about the record ‘Lovecraft nel Polesine’ by Jet Set Roger!
 Zograf was the special guest at the Jet Set Roger concert and a later CD presentation in Brescia, Italy, and then continued on to the region of Friuli, where his Hypnagogic Images were the inspiration for a musical performance in the village of Oblizza, where the musicians performed before projections of Zograf’s drawings. Between numbers, Zograf spoke about his personal dream experiences! This event was held at Club Potok in Oblizza, Friuli:



A more extensive interview with Zograf was posted on a web site dedicated to Mediterranean cultures (links in Italian):
An anthology of studies (published by De Gruyter) entitled ‘Post-Yugoslav Constellations - Archive, Memory, and Trauma in Contemporary Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian Literature and Culture’, edited by Vlad Rebronja and Stijn Varvaet, includes a paper entitled ‘Recollection and Aleternative Modernity: Aleksandar Zograf Flea Market Archeologies’:

Zograf’s work has been analyzed in yet another paper, entitled ‘On Comics, Flea Markets,Collecting,and Cultural Memory: Aleksandar Zograf’s Secondhand World and Leonid Šejka’s Integral Painting’, by Stijn Varvaet. The Paper was published in ‘Popular Culture: Reading From Below’, as part of the International Scientific Conference at the Institute of Macedonian Literature, in Skopje, Macedonia.
As part of a project by the Luciano Benetton Collection, a catalogue of small format artworks (10 x 12cm) by 136 artists from Serbia (along with their short biographies) was published; Zograf is one of the artists featured:



Aleksandar Zograf’s exhibition and presentation of his new book, in Belgrade’s KC Grad, was presented on Serbian national TV, the show’s name is Cultural Newsreel (in Serbian) :
The national daily paper, Politika, reported from the exhibition at KC Grad (in Serbian) :

Lazar Džamić wrote an excellent book centered on the immense popularity of ‘Alan Ford’ comics (created by the Italian authors, Magnus and Bunker) in ex-Yugoslavia. Džamić’s new book, titled Čaj od šljiva ( The Plum Tea) compares differences and similarities between life in the UK, where he now lives, and Serbia, his native country. Illustrations by Aleksandar Zograf (in Serbian) -
Novi Sad’s French Institute dedicated an exhibition and discussion to political cartooning and freedom of speech. Aleksandar Zograf attended, along with the great Serbian cartoonists Corax and Jugoslav Vlahović (in Serbian):

The event that began in Novi Sad continued at Belgrade's French Institute, where a number of Serbian cartoonists, including Zograf, exhibited their cartioons dedicated to freedom of speach (in Serbian) :

ARTE devoted an episode of the show, ‘Metropolis’, to Belgrade and it’s independent art scene. It partly speaks about Zograf and his Grrr !Progam comics workshop (in French) : German):

Part of the show was broadcast by Deutsche Welle (in Serbian) :

On his blog, Vito Santoro wrote an extensive article on comics journalism, mostly featuring the works of Joe Sacco, Igort, and Aleksandar Zograf (in Italian) :

Stuttgarter Zeitung Daily published a German translation of Zograf’s comic on migrants coming to Stuttgart (in German) :

Belgrade’s City magazine wrote about the independent scene in Serbia, Among others, Zograf was interviewed about the situation from the perspective of Pančevo’s Elektrika initiative (in Serbian) :



Regional TV station N1 conducted an interview with Zograf about his new Serbian book (in Serbian) :

Serbian comics inspired by war - an article published in the Serbian national daily Večernje Novosti. Zograf discusses his collaboration with Mirjana Mišlov (in Serbian)

Legendary ‘The Residents’ gave a sold out concert in Zagreb’s venue Močvara, and for the occasion two Croatian magazines (Globus and Zarez) published Zograf’s comics about the San Francisco group, while the Močvara web posted an English translation of his 2008 interview with the band :

Zograf’s comics inspired by the Migrant Crisis were posted on the very highly recommended, Holland-based website, Drawing the Times :

Zograf participated in a workshop named ‘Learn Together’, which was held in Belgrade and Bela Crkva, with the goal of inspiring an introduction of the principles of contemporary art into the educational system of Serbia. ( in Serbian) :

New Serbian book (Zlato na Mesecu) was presented at Cultural Center of Mladenovac, and there was an exhibition too (in Serbian) :

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