Serbian web magazine FatHipster posted an interesting article dedicated to Aleksandar Zograf’s comics (in Serbian):

Zograf’s story about his envision of Ravensburg, a town in Baden-Württemberg, was published in Schwaebische Zeitung (in German) :,-Die-serbische-Sicht-auf-Ravensburg-_arid,10625933_toid,535.html, and in Italian weekly Internazionale, along with Serbian Vreme.

An interview with Zograf was posted on Italian web site Web Arts Resistances (in Italian):


The latest Serbian book by Aleksandar Zograf, titled Mala otkrica (Minor Discoveries) was presented at Pancevo Film Festival ( for this occasion, American/Serbian musician and cartoonist Katie Woznicki had a live appearance) and at the Cultural Center of the town of Smederevo (in Serbian):

Aleksandar Zograf’s two page story, “ä brief meditation on people talking pictures in…plants”, was published in Seattle Weekly, shortly before they cut their comics section for good:

Pancevo’s festival dedicated to avant garde music – NOVA – every year features a section dedicated to comics/animation, curated by Aleksandar Zograf. This year, it was an exhibition dedicated to Oswaldo Cavandoli, authorof La Linea, a legendary work of animation. About 100 cartoonists from Italy, Serbia, and all over the world paid their homage to Cavandoli’s creation. (in Serbian): , ,

Zograf was the guest of Ljubljana’s comics festival named TINTA, where his work was presented along with the works of many Slovenian cartoonists, and Kate Evans, Boulet , and many others (in Slovenian) : , report was made by Slovenian national Tv: , and a comprehensive interview with Zograf was aired on Radio Student:

Last but not least, Zograf’s story is included in the latest issue of Stripburger magazine, which is celebrating its 25th year of existence

Zograf was the guest of Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he had a master class as part of the event named Giornate animate, where , along with representatives of the Serbian animation (Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak, Iva Ciric) also presented was the legend of Italian animation, Bruno Bozzetto , among others. (in Italian) : ,

Latest edition of Portugal’s Amadora comics festival also included an exhibition of comics reportage, curated by Sara Figueiredo Costa, where original pages of Zograf’s Regards from Serbia were on display (in Portuguese) :


In late November, an exhibition of Serbian and Macedonian comics and visual artists was opened in The Museum of the City of Skopje, with works by Botev, Dacev , Nicevski, Wostok, Basta, Zlata VK and Zograf (in Macedoanian):

The Italian web site Graphic News is dedicated to different aspects of comics journalism (News, Science, Economy etc) and they posted Zograf’s comic about the Mesolithic site of Lepenski Vir, situated in Eastern Serbia, with one of the earliest European examples of monumental sculpture. (in Italian):

The latest collection of Gianluca Costantini’s comics and illustration, named Fedele alla linea (Becco Giallo, 2017) includes works by Costantini created during his visits to Serbia, with special mention of Aleksandar Zograf and Grrr! Comics festival (in Italian):

Zograf was the guest speaker of the discussion dedicated to the history of punk/post-punk music and it’s reception in Yugoslavia, at the Belgrade’s Center for Cultural Decontamination (in Serbian):



Zograf’s comics recording migrants’ personal stories have been published in the Italian weekly, ‘Internazionale’; they have been previously published in a number of publications in Portugal, Sweden, Canada, Spain, and of course, Serbia, ‘Hooray’!
Aleksandar Zograf spoke about his first Japanese-language book for the Regional Television Station in Vojvodina, where Zograf lives: , and National Serbian TV: ( Serbian Television, Channel One, in the Serbian language):
The most recent book by Zograf, compiled from comics published in the Serbian weekly VREME, titled ‘Mala otkrića’ (Minor Discoveries), was introduced on the City of Pančevo’s web site 013 (in Serbian) :

“Zigomar and Zograf on tour around the world: On new and newly discovered comic books in Serbia” – is the title of an academic paper written by Tomasz Kwoka, for a publication dedicated to Slavic studies published by the Polish Academy of Arts in Krakow (in Polish):
Gorgonzola #22 is a French-based fanzine which published a story by Zograf, along with works by Placid, L.L. de Mars, and an interview with Jean-Pierre Mercier (in French) . ,
Seattle Weekly (USA) published Zograf’s comic, based on a Serbian book published in Seattle in the early 20th Century.

In Berlin, Aleksandar Zograf was hosted at a conference organized by ZOiS - The Centre for East European and International Studies, an independent, international and interdisciplinary research institute. At the conference, Zograf spoke about his artistic work, and about his story on the migrant crisis.
The Japanese web portal ‘Mandrake’, among the largest vendors of anime and manga-related products, is now selling Zograf’s Japanese-language book (in Japanese):
An interview with Aleksandar Zograf was posted on web portal ‘42 magazin’ (in Serbian) ,
Zograf was interviewed for Serbian National TV about his new book, Mala otkrića (Minor Discoveries):

The book was presented in Belgrade and Novi Sad, and was reviewed by Korzo web site (in Serbian) :
The posthumous 12” vinyl single by Vlada Divljan, legendary Serbian musician, is graced by a cover design by Aleksandar Zograf, while the video clip is animated by Miloš Tomić

Zograf spoke about his favorites in popular culture on Serbian web portal Helly Cherry (in Serbian)

At the Cultural Center in the town of Kovin, Aleksandar Zograf presented an exhibition dedicated to his collection of Serbian folk art inspired by Disney, and presented his new book, Mala otkrića (in Serbian)


Together with a number of German-speaking cartoonists, including Klaus Voormann (the creator of The Beatles’ Revolver album cover), and a number of international artists including Denis Kitchen, Peter Kuper, Nicolas Tabary, and others, Aleksandar Zograf was a guest of the Munich Comics Festival, where he presented his exhibition (Migrants’ Stories and a Travelers’Tales), and presented two separate lectures and a workshop.

At Zaječar’s historic venue ‘Radul Begov Konak’, and at the the Library of Bor, in Eastern Serbia, Zograf did a presentation of his new comics collection, Mala otkrića, (in Serbian):
Zograf was Interviewed for Bilje I zdravlje (Herbs and Health), Serbian magazine dedicated to healthy living (!) (in Serbian) , then another interview was published in the daily paper Danas along with a Zograf talk posted on the Croatian web site of Booksa (Zagreb’s cult-ish club/library), where Zograf was hosted last spring (in Serbian/Croatian)

Zograf had two presentations at Belgrade’s literary festival ‘Krokodil’; one was connected to his latest collection of comics in Serbian, Mala otkrića (Minor Discoveries), and another to the book dedicated to 1980s Serbian cult band, Luna, that he co-wrote with Predrag Popović and Goran Tarlać . Zograf was also interviewed by Channel 2 of Serbian Radio, regarding the book on Luna (titled Luna’s Mirrors), (in Serbian)

The film about Serbian cartoonist Veljko Kockar, a mixture of documentary, live action and animation, with Aleksandar Zograf as a main narrator and one of the researchers, is about to be completed in 2017. National daily Politika announced this project, by a report from the making of the final scenes (in Serbian)

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