Aleksandar Zograf's second collection of comics published in Japan, named More Stories from Serbia ( Serubia yomoyama-banashi), was released by Toge no Jizo Publishing (in Japanese):

Serbian National TV did a report on a theatrical play for children based on Zograf’s life, – in the play, young Zograf meets his adult self, along with a ‘future Zograf’. Written by the well-known children’s writer, Jasminka Petrović (in Serbian):

During a stay in Budapest, Zograf discussed his comic dedicated to Jewish-Hungarian poet Miklos Radnoti (in Hungarian):

Zograf was a host of the Pančevo presentation of Stripolis comics magazine (in Serbian):

Kosovo TV did a report on Zograf's Comics exhibition based on the letters of Hilda Dajč, presented at the Cultural Center of Gračanica (in Serbian):

A Facebook page is dedicated to a workshop that Aleksandar Zograf has done in Močvara club in Zagreb (in Croatian):[0]=68.ARBpxbyV-0oK52HqlZ5yL7nGJI3dz8LZ_uRD3hEXIaBKH6U8Itn9UPEM75Ik9qt0Z97O9hQVv8Gc0KjZvwa9-kYQT_NaWKxn462fUZ4Bbfnl43IUA3mM_oPwSP2x2nVrYqDYfaQV81b8ap-F0zyxtSJuHuQ9-F6VgBXXfEr4RJMJJhfqLkBV_BgRfuARvA46pteAU-MXS6elPZR1wQZBCn1AsvmHWD-unEDXTwvVDkGgtCTfAIPw91Q0xGtMpVRABBEtvGEpBER8yY8PMCyWgVyuO5aeYcvSEpA8MsJ-qI0G-bnAUoW69QtmadxqPDdpM5ZyVnytwfEl20iFJgnXtnmVGw&__tn__=-R


palo storto

‘The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid’, a documentary-live action-animation hybrid film, in which Aleksandar Zograf appears as researcher and main narrator, had its premiere outside ex-Yugoslavia at the Trieste Film Festival. A town that once bordered Yugoslavia, and which has hosted several of Zograf’s exhibitions and lectures over the years, Trieste was a natural choice for the film screening (in Italian):

As part of the program of the Trieste Film Festival, in the fine theatrical venue Teatro Miela, Aleksandar Zograf also performed with a group of musicians from Italy, who perform under the name Palo Storto, led by Federico Galvani. While the band played, Zograf explained his dream experiences, and his drawings were recorded by cameras and projected in the auditorium in real time -

‘Visions hypnagogiques’ is a new book published in France by L’Égouttoir , that collects drawings of Zograf’s half-dream images (in French):

Bionity, a leading internet portal in the field of Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals (!), posted an entry on the nature of half-dream experiences, and Zograf’s exploration of visions seen while in the hypnagogic state was listed among half-dream references in popular media:

Italian web portal ‘Q Code Mag’ posted an interview with Zograf to note the 20th anniversary of the NATO bombing of Serbia (in Italian) :

apokalipsa bor

A collaboration with Emanuele Mascioni, noted Italian photographer, and Aleksandar Zograf, produced an exhibition that took place in the Cultural Center of Belgrade. The exhibition, titled ‘Appocalipse-Bor’, featured photos by Mascioni of Bor, a mine complex in Eastern Serbia, and Zograf’s 14-page comic on Bor under WWII Nazi occupation (the area was transformed into a series of forced labor camps), and the fate of Jewish-Hungarian poet Miklos Radnoti; Radnoti wrote notebooks of poetry there, later found post-mortem in a mass grave. An article was published in the national daily Večernje Novosti (in Serbian): , in the Serbian edition of fashion magazine Elle: , and in a blog dedicated to the independent cultural scene in Serbia :

The project was commented upon in ‘Kulturni Dnevnik’, a leading TV program dedicated to cultural events in Serbia (in Serbian) : , and in other programs on national television :

The event also included the presentation of a new Serbian edition of Radnoti’s poetry, accompanied by Zograf’s comic, and an essay by Zoran Paunović , and was commented on in Kupek, an independent internet portal (in Serbian):

Master of Art, a film festival in three Bulgarian cities (Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna), screened ‘The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid’: (in Bulgarian), (in English)

For this occasion, a trailer of the film, with Bulgarian subtitles, was produced:

‘The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid’ won the prize in the segment of the Master of Art festival named Art and Power, and in an article, the fate of Serbian cartoonist Veljko Kockar was compared to the fate of Bulgarian cartoonist Rayko Aleksiev, who was also shot after the liberation (in Bulgarian):

In May, the film had its American premiere at Cinetopia film festival in Detroit, Michigan :

‘The Book of Weirdo’ is the title of a richly illustrated volume written by Jon B. Cooke and published by Last Gasp. The book follows story behind Weirdo, the Robert Crumb-founded magazine, which shaped the independent comics scene in the 1980s . As one of the cartoonists who published in the very last issue of Weirdo, which came out in 1993, Zograf is among the authors who were interviewed, along with his longtime friends and collaborators such as Bob Kathman, Pat Moriarity, and others. ,


The latest issue of Slovenian comics magazine ‘Stripburger’ features Zograf’s comic about visiting Ljubljana, and his writings about the concept of “minor discoveries”:

Močvara is a club in Zagreb, which marked its 20th Anniversary with a series of concerts, talks and … the first ever exhibition to feature an overview of Aleksandar Zograf’s career! It was accompanied by a screening of ‘The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid’, and a talk with Zograf, who also conducted a workshop and was a featured guest at the Academy of Art next day (in Croatian):

RTV 1, the television station from the Serbian province of Vojvodina, broadcast a TV show in which two cartoonists spoke about their lives as comics creators - Zoran Janjetov ( among other projects for French publishers, he draws Avant LÍncal and Technopriests , based on scripts by Jodorowsky), and Aleksandar Zograf (in Serbian):

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