RISHA PROJECT, a web site edited by Vladimir Palibrk, was founded in order to build a link between theEuropean alternative comics scene and the growing new scene that is developing in the Middle East and North Africa. They've posted two of Zograf's stories. One is entitled DEATH OF TURINSKI, and the other is POSTCARD FROM BEIRUT  . Risha also posted "Facts Are Stranger Than Fiction", An interview with Aleksndar Zograf  -

Zograf talked at the presentation of a Serbian translation of Crumb's book My Trouble with Women, which was held in Novi Sad (video, in Serbian):
Part one:
Part Two:

ComiXconnection  is the name of the project that includes a series of exhibitions and a catalogue dedicated to independent comics from Croa­tia, Slove­nia, Roma­nia, Hun­gary and Ser­bia. Zograf, Elektrika and GRRR!Program are featured - , and the first exhibitions took place in Rijeka, Croatia, and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The guest of the new edition of GRRR!Program, edited and conducted by Zograf,  was NIKT, film maker,musician and visual artist from Philadelphia (originally from Belgrade). TV Pančevo did a report (in Serbian):

Brazilian cartoonist Lorena Kaz has made her CV in a form of a comic page. Zograf is also presented, as a host to her participation to a comics workshop in Pančevo (in Portuguese)

Zograf was interviewed by Serbian writer Mića Vujićić, for a magazine called Novosti (published in Croatia, in Serbian)

Tito on Ice, a film by Max Andersson and Helena Ahonen, won  Grand Prize for Best Feature at Ottawa International Festival !!! Feature was made as a combination of animation and documentary. It presents Swedish cartoonists Max Andresson and Lars Sjunneson touring ex-Yugoslav countries while promoting their graphic novel Bosnian Flat Dog.  Zograf was filmed in his room in Pančevo, showing his collection of Eastern European products and toys of unlicenced Disney characters. Tito on Ice press kit, by Nail Films : , and a trailer :

Curated by Ljudmila Stratimirović, New Folklore is the exhibition that, (after Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sirogojno, Stockholm and Sofia,in  was presented  inSeptember at the  Centre Culturel de Serbie in Paris. It includes  embroideries made by Gordana Basta, after the drawings of Aleksandar Zograf.

Balkan Comics Connections is the name of the anthology published in Scotland, and featuring ex-Yugoslav cartoonists, including Zograf -

 zigomarVreme Magazine published an article on outsider (naive) art of Vojvodina (Northern Serbia), written by Saša Rakezić (in Serbian)

 Zograf was present at this year's Komikazen festival, here's a short article in XL supplement of La Republica (in Italian)

GRRR!Program presented one of the classic Serbian comics, Dikan, (well known in thhe late 60s and 70s). Local TV did a report (in Serbian) :

Belgrade's daily Danas has devoted space  in the weekend edition to Serbian cartoonists, who commented on some of the social issues in the country. Aleksandar Zograf has published a 4 page story, commenting on further reformation of the educational system, even though his strip was actually based on a 1920s short story by forgotten Serbian writer, Mileta Jakšić.  The strip (in Serbian) can be downloaded at
Illustrated by a miniature exhibition, the topic was also discussed at a  presentation at Belgrade's Museum of Applied Art, with thhe participation of Zograf. The report was published in Danas (in Serbian) :

Serbian libraries have recently been stocking comics more often than before. Here's the report on the  Library of the town of Šabac, including Zograf's stuff (in Serbian) :


The edition of GRRR! Program, an event dedicated to comics, conducted and edited by Zograf, has presented a collaboration of Serbian and Croatian cartoonists, who did a series of stories dedicated to Miroslav Krleza, a famous writer who was connected to both Belgrade and Zagreb. Also, the talk was on a new book by Wostok, an anthology of his 1990s comics, and a new edition of an art magazine called Punkt, dedicated to independent cultural initiatives in Serbia and around Europe. It was reported by a local TV in Pancevo: (in Serbian)

Mineshaft magazine #29 is out - it includes a strory titled EUROASIA? by Aleksandar Zograf, sketches and dream diary entries by Robert Crumb, drawings sent by Spain Rodrigues before he passed away, comics by David Collier, Pat Moriarity and more -

In order to protest against the diminishing budget that Serbian state has projected for cultural activities, a number of artists active in diffferent fields were interviewed for a short film named Why Culture?, including Aleksandar Zograf (in Serbian):

Sasa Rakezic AKA Aleksandar Zograf conducted an extensive interview with Pedja Vranesevic.The interview, published in Belgrade's Vreme weekly, is an overview of this musician's career that extends from the mid 1960s to present. Pedja Vranesevic was one of the most active composers of the music for films, animation, television and theater in EX-Yugoslavia (in Serbian)

Belgrade's artist and actor Uros Djuric had an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad. His catalogue (in Serbian and English) is available for free download, Zograf's comics where Djuric appears were listed -.


As part of the Europe Day celebration, Belgrade's Cinemateque and Youth Ceneter opened an exhibition based on comics and  a cartoon contest juried by Aleksandar Zograf, Koraks and Marko Somborac (in Serbian) -

The edition of Grrr! Program, as part of the Novo doba comics festival, this year hosted David Lasky (US) and El Rotringo (France), with whom Zograf did a talk. The artists were speaking about the alternative comics in their respective countries, with Lasky having an exhibition at Pancevo's City Hall, and El Rotringo at Belgrade's venue Grad. Pancevo's TV did a report -!

The opening of Venice Biennale was the topic of an article of the most important Serbian daily, Politika. Aleksandar Zograf did the design of the Serbian Pavilion's catalogue, and it includes Zograf's stories on Serbian representatives - visual artist Vladimir Peric and film maker Milos Tomic. Catalogue, published in both Serbian and English, includes a story by Robert Crumb, "Serbia - The Land of Opportunity" , here's a little note on Serbian pavilion in English:

Zograf was present at 9th Comics festival at Budapest. The interview was posted online for that occasion , while in June, HVG magazine ( leading economic and political weekly) published another interview, conducted in Pancevo (all in Hungarian)

The 15th edition of Avangrad magazine publishes an interview with Zograf - aside from the paper copy, there's as well PDF available for free download (in Serbian)

In June, Zograf  presented his latest collection of comics at Cultural Center of Kikinda (in Serbian) -



Zograf's new book in Serbian, Dvaput naopačke (Upside-Down Twice), was presented in the Zrenjanin library (in Serbian) -

Late 2012 saw the launch of a comics collection titled Russian Avantgarde in Comics, published by Elektrika in Pančevo, and edited by Vladimir Palibrk. It includes Zograf's works on the Russian writer Alexei Remizov, along with comics by an international host of artists such as Arianna Vairo, Wostok, Igor Hofbauer and many more. The artists were all reflecting on the rich but not well enough known tradition of early 20th Century Russian avantgarde art -

In early February, Andrea Plazzi, a comics critic and editor from Italy, did a lecture on Comics and Journalism (Giornalismo a fumetti di Andrea Plazzi) in the Salaborsa library in Bologna (info in Italian: and ). Zograf participated by giving a live interview via SKYPE.

The Holland-based organization Platform Spartak stands behind an international project named Comixiade, which included comics-related workshops and talks in several European countries. Zograf is a regular contributor, both as a lecturer and by creating comics. Finally, a coffee-table book was produced - , and it is said that "This stunning anthology contains works by artists from all over Europe, from Serbia to the Netherlands and from Poland to Spain, including Aleksandar Zograf, Helena Klakočar, Vladimir Palibrk, Agnieszka Piksa and many others".

The latest edition of Punkt novine, a Serbian magazine dedicated to independent art and culture, features an article by Aleksandar Zograf, on his project, GRRR!Program.

Nedeljko Bajalica, an Italian cartoonist who used to be the assistant to the legendary Jacovitti, wrote a look back to Zograf's book from 2001,  "Salluti della Serbia" (in Italian):

In Cordoba, Argentina, there's a venue/association called Psyconautas, promoting independent art and music, which was inspired by Zograf's Pshychonaut comics series from the 90s! , and they even have a festival by the same name . ¡Viva Argentina!

The French Institute in Belgrade has opened an exhibition dedicated to Serbian comics, and Zograf was one of 200 authors who were exhibited! (in Serbian

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