At Belgrade's Remont gallery, together with Dragan Protić ( from the art collective named Škart ) and Nikola Džafo , Saša Rakezić ( alias Aleksandar Zograf) received a reward for the "contribution to the contemporary visual arts scene in Serbia".
Apart from the money, collected by contributions by other artists, reward included 1 kilo of cakes TV Pancevo did a report ( in Serbian) )
Oradio, from Novi Sad, did an interview with Zograf, and posted it on their web site (in Serbian)

Zograf was interviewed by Mark Arnold for Back Issue, a US magazine dedicated to the comics industry. The entire segment of the issue ( #78) was dedicated to Weirdo magazine, and its contributors and collaborators (Zograf published in the very last issue of Weirdo).
A German language Jewish newspaper published an extensive article on Zograf's comic about letters by Hilda Dajč, an Ashkenazi girl who was killed at Staro Sajmište, a concentration camp established in Belgrade by the Nazi occupation army. (in German).
German national radio, in their culture section, also spoke about Zograf -

In March, an exhibition dedicated to the alternative art scene in Vojvodina 1995 - 2014, was opened in The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, in Novi Sad. Zograf's works were on display as well. (in Serbian)

A travelling exhibition named ComiXconnection was opened in April at Pančevo's ex-cinema Vojvodina. The exhibition was based on the research by Beate Wild, custodian of the Berlin's Museum of European cultures. Zograf's works were on display next to contributions by about 70 cartoonists from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania.


Thanks to Refraction Team association, bilboard with Zograf’s work for the catalogue of the Serbian Pavilion at 2013 Venice Biennale was presented on the wall of Apolo venue in Pančevo.

As part of the international comics workshop named "Redrawing stories from the past", held in Pančevo, Aleksandar Zograf did a slide presentation on his renderings of the historical topics in his comics, including the story on the Lettrs by Hilda Dajč.

At the French Institute in Novi Sad, an opening of Zograf's exhibition "Life in Comics", and a discussion with the author, was presented as part of Museum Night. :



BEFORE/AFTER is the name of the play by John Feffer, which premiered in Washington, DC, in May 2015, as part of the European Month of Culture.
The performance is based on 300 (!) interviews that John Feffer conducted in East-Central Europe, and one of the persons interviewed is Aleksandar Zograf! Zograf is at about minute 43 of the specified segment of the performance:
In May, Zograf visited the exhibition where his work was on display - Viva!Cavandoli, at Museum of Labor and Industry (MUSIL) in Rodengo Sainao, near Brescia.
The exhibition, which continues to travel around Italy and abroad, is dedicated to one of the greatest Italian animators, Osvaldo Cavandoli, an author of the series of animated shorts titled La Linea.

Based on this experience, Zograf did a 2 page comic, translated in Italian for Piero Tonin's blog his stay in Brescia, Zograf was the guest of Scuaola Internazionale di Comics (Internation Comics School), where he did a lecture (in Italian):'anno%20Accademico%202014-2015/05-2015


A Paris-based French weekly newspaper Courrier International, published a number of comics by international artists, including Gianluca Costantini (Italy), Victoria Lomasko (Russia), Eva Hilhorst ( Holland),and...Zograf. in its May 2015 issue (in French)

A comprehensive essay on Aleksandar Zograf's art was published in the Spring/Summer 2015 edition of International Journal of Comic Art. Written by comics schoolar Paul Morton.

The second edition of Pančevo Film Festival featured an official poster created by Zograf. See the catalogue of the festival (in Serbian and English): During the festival, B92 posted an article on Zograf and his Grrr!Program workshop, with American cartoonist Pat Moriarity being an artist in Residence in Pancevo (in Serbian) )
As part of the Pančevo’s Freedom Art Festival, Zograf did his first ever mural ! "Change" is the name of the Stuttgart's conference/exhibition that hosted Aleksandar Zograf in September. Also present were the noted international artists and writers, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe. See the catalogue (in German))

After his trip to Stuttgart, Zograf did the story about migrants ,published originally in the Italian weekly Internazionale, and posted in English at Drawing the Times web site:

In early October, Zograf participated in a conference dedicated to comics history, with his speech "Forgotten and Rediscovered History of Serbian Comics from the 30s and the 40s". The conference was held at the Uppsala University Campus at Visby, Sweden.



As part of Michael Scholz's article on comics refering to island of Gotland, Zograf's comics travelogue from Gotland was reproduced in Fran Gutabygd, Visby's yearbook published by organizations interested in history of the island.

Zograf did the CD design for Belgrade's jazz band Hashima, who were the opening act of the 2015 Belgrade Jazz Festival. - Hashima is named after the island in the South of Japan, which was densely populated during the exploitation of undersea coal mines, then completely abandoned in 1974, when the mines were closed.

In November, the new Portuguese book by Zograf - Mundos em Segunda Mão Vol 2, with an introduction written by film director Edgar Pera, was launched at Lisbon's Feira morta event , In December, book was presented in the North of the country, at Guimarães (in Portuguese)

Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad was the place of the exhibition titled Performing the Musueum, an international project made through collaboration of art institutions from several countries. Zograf was the only cartoonist to be included in the show , , (in Serbian)



An interview with Zograf was posted on Vojvodina TV and Radio's web site (In Serbian)

Interview with Zograf for Belgrade's City magazine web edition, which includes an announcement of the new Serbian book, Zlato na Mesecu (Gold on the Moon), includes Zograf's talk on Grrr!Program (in Serbian)

An overview of Zograf's career and comics, by Zoran Paunkovic, writer from Novi Sad, was published in Vreme weekly (in Serbian):

LLLast but not least, in late 2015, one Zograf's comic was for the first time translated to Ruthenian (Lemko) language, and publish in Polish children m magazine LEMKOLAND, dedicated to the Ruthenian minority...

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