Zograf presented an online discussion with the great Robert Crumb. It’s enough to say that Crumb stood up in front of a web camera for the first time in his life, just for this occasion!

comics of the new europe

Leuven University Press published a book entitled Comics of the New Europe. In a paper called Un-Drawn Experience : Visualizing Trauma in Aleksandar Zograf’s Regards from Serbia, Max Bledstein offers an insight into Zograf’s comics from the 1990s.

Comicopedia, offering personal comments on works by various cartoonists from the international scene, includes an entry on Aleksandar Zograf (in Greek) :

Open Doors to a Dark Past is an article published in Nu, a Vienna-based Jewish magazine of politics and culture. Karin Krichmayr reviews recent German-language editions of comics centered around Holocaust topics, including Zograf’s ‘Partisanepost’ (in German and English) :

Cross-Art Residencies in the field of Comics art between France and Serbia were established through inter-state agreement, based on the collaboration of two towns: Pančevo in Serbia and Angouleme in France. Zograf is among the people who coordinate this project:

Zograf introduced a segment of the 2020 NOVA festival: an exhibition with homages to French comics, with contributions from an international host of cartoonists (in Serbian) :



Vasa Pavković and Aleksandar Zograf edited a collection of reprints of 1950s football comics, authored by Serbian cartoonist Milorad Dobrić. The book was reviewed in Dnevnik daily (in Serbian):

Kulturni dnevnik is a daily TV show dedicated to culture on Channel 1 of Serbian TV, and they included a report on Zograf's presentation of his new Serbian book (in Serbian):

A radio show dedicated to cultural affairs featured a segment dedicated to the new Serbian book (Ohrabrenja) by Aleksandar Zograf ( scroll to 27th minute):

Giovanni Vale did a report about cruising down the Danube River, and meeting Aleksandar Zograf (in Italian):

Zograf was part of a team working on an Artist in Residence program, which will enable Serbian cartoonists to stay in Angouleme, France, and their French counterparts to spend some time in Pančevo (in Serbian):

missing stories beograd

In a radio show by Sputnik news agency, Zograf spoke about the international comics exhibition that he curated , dedicated to European Heritage, that opened at the Serbian Cultural Center in Paris (in Serbian):

National Radio dedicated a show to the Artist in Residence programs in Angouleme and Pančevo; Zograf was one of the guests (in Serbian):

Zograf's Miklos Radnoti story was translated into Polish, and posted on a blog by a Pole living in Hungary, Jerzy Celichowski ( in Polish):

The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid film’s musical score, written and performed by Kralj Čačka (The King of Čačak), is available for download (in Serbian):

In a recent interview, Belgarde artist Ljudmila Stratimirović mentioned her collaboration with a group of artists, back in 1990s, including Aleksandar Zograf, in connection with her project, Hat Theater (in Serbian):

"Twilight zones of history: Aleksandar Zograf’s Regards from Serbia and the Serbian alternative comics of the 1990s", is the title of the paper published in The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics. The author of this study is Vlad Beronja, from the University of Texas, Austin.

‘Missing Stories’ is the name of the collective exhibition dedicated to forced labour during WW2. The exhibition was opened at the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, and Zograf's story on Miklos Radnoti was on display as well:

un rifugio cover

‘Jet Set Roger’ is a band from Brescia in Italy, and their new concept album is based on a story by Robert Louis Stevenson. Aleksandar Zograf is creator of the cover design, and also the comics published in the CD's booklet. The album was quite well received by the Italian press (in Italian):

CommiXconnection is the name of the travelling exhibition organized by the Museum of European Cultures in Berlin, and made possible through efforts by its curator Beate Wild. Aleksandar Zograf was part of the ‘show within the show’, dedicated to Comics Journalism, and it included a screening of The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid at the Movimento cinema. This all happened during Coronavirus response escalation, and Zograf barely made it home to Pančevo, catching one of the last flights out of Berlin before the lockdown:

Article on the full adventure of flying out of Berlin under the Coronovaris spell came out in Serbian (Vreme magazine) and in Italian (Osservatorio Balcani)

The new book by Aleksandar Zograf in German language, titled Partisanenpost , consists of stories centered around WW2 topics. It came out with agile publisher from Vienna, Bahoe Books: Since it was not possible to present ‘Partisanenpost’ at the Book Fair in Leipzig (the entire fair was cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns), the book was introduced through a Zoom streaming interview with Zograf, conducted by comics connoisseur Axel Halling :

nin april

Zograf was interviewed for the Serbian national TV web site , speaking about recent activities and Corona madness (in Serbian):
NIN, independent political weekly, published a 4 page interview with Zograf (in Serbian):
Blic, national daily, was talking to Zograf as well (in Serbian):

The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid was streamed live for audiences in Germany, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Slovenia, as part of the web event entitled Balkan Film Night. After the film streaming, Ivan Petrović from his Viennese home talked to Aleksandar Zograf in Pančevo :
Zograf’s new Italian book, to come out with Turin's 001 Edizioni, was announced through the article (part of it) that Zograf wrote about his maternal Grandfather, who was a member of the underground Resistance during the Nazi Occupation of Serbia (in Italian):

The book, entitled Quaderno di Radoslav, was introduced on Facebook by its publisher, 001 Edizioni (in Italian):
Another interview with Zograf was posted at Aljazeera Balkans (In Serbian):
The BBC in Serbian posted an article about Jewish- Hungarian poet Miklos Radnoti, including a short talk with Zograf about his comic describing the fate of Radnoti under the Nazi regime:

Another article on Miklos Radnoti, and Zograf’s comic on Radnoti’s tragic fate (in Serbian):
IST MEDIA, a website covering news from Eastern Serbia, wrote about Zograf’s story on Miklos Radnoti, in Chinese:
Amsterdam-based Zoran Djukanovic, the well-known Serbian comics critic and historian, posted a talk with Aleksandar Zograf on Broken Frontier, the comics-related portal:

speleonaut plakat

The latest edition of Rick Veitch’s collection of dream comics, Rare Bit Fiends, features a work by Zograf, inspired by his dream experiences:
An interview with Zograf about his more recent activities ( in Serbian):

‘The Final Adventure of Kaktus Kid’ was scheduled to be screened at the comics festival in Erlangen, Germany. When the festival was cancelled, the program of comics-inspired films was moved online, and by live streaming, it was possible to watch it throughout Germany (in German):
An Interview with Aleksandar Zograf was posted on the Spanish web site ‘Canino’ ( in Spanish): On the online channel ‘Kupek’, a video conference was conducted by Dejan Kožul, discussing solidarity among artists during Covid-19 times; Zograf was a guest along with Marijana Petković ( in Serbian):
‘Speleonaut’ is the title of Sonja Djekić’s documentary, in which Aleksandar Zograf appears. After its American premiere at Universal Film Festival in Kansas City, the film was screened at festivals worldwide (in Serbian):

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